"Indonesia Raya" (Great Indonesia)

The song first appeared as a Nationalist Party song (the party working for independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands) in 1928 and became the anthem upon declaring independence in 1945

Words by: Wage Rudolf Soepratman
Music by: Wage Rudolf Soepratman

Further details: Indonesia's National Anthem 'Indonesia Raya' ('Indonesia The Great') was composed in 1928 during the Dutch colonial period, at a time when the Dutch rulers in Indonesia carried out a divide and rule policy which stressed linguistic, ethnic, cultural and religious differences amongst the Indonesian people.

The birth of 'Indonesia Raya' was closely related to the awakening of Indonesia's nationalist movements. The song was first introduced by its author and composer, WAGE RUDOLF SOEPRATMAN (1903-1938) at the Second All Indonesia Youth Congress held on October 28 1928, at the time when Indonesia's youth originating from different ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural denominations enthusiastically pledged:
  1. having one native country, Indonesia,
  2. belonging to one nation, the Indonesian Nation and
  3. having one language of unity, the Indonesian language.
The then National Song, introduced to this youth congress, stressing the call for unity among Indonesians, soon became popular. It was sung at Indonesian political rallies where participants stood up in solemn adherence. The song had really implanted Indonesia's national consciousness among the population all over the archipelago. It became the National Anthem in 1949.
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Bait 1: Indonesia tanah airku, Tanah tumpah darahku. Disanalah aku berdiri, Jadi pandu ibuku. Indonesia kebangsaanku, Bangsa dan Tanah Airku. Marilah kita berseru "Indonesia bersatu." Hiduplah tanahku, Hiduplah negriku, Bangsaku, Rakyatku, semuanya. Bangunlah jiwanya, Bangunlah badannya Untuk Indonesia Raya.

Refrein: Indonesia Raya, Merdeka, Merdeka Tanahku, negriku yang kucinta. Indonesia Raya, Merdeka, Merdeka Hiduplah Indonesia Raya.

Bait 2: Indonesia! Tanah yang mulia, Tanah kita yang kaya. Di sanalah aku berada Untuk slama-lamanya. Indonesia, Tanah pusaka, Pusaka Kita semuanya. Marilah kita mendoa, "Indonesia bahagia!" Suburlah Tanahnya, Suburlah jiwanya, Bangsanya, Rakyatnya semuanya. Sadarlah hatinya, Sadarlah budinya Untuk Indonesia Raya.


Bait 3: Indonesia! Tanah yang suci, Tanah kita yang sakti. Disanalah aku berdiri menjaga ibu sejati. Indonesia! Tanah berseri, Tanah yang aku sayangi. Marilah kita berjanji: "Indonesia abadi!" Slamatlah Rakyatnya, Slamatlah putranya, Pulaunya, lautnya semuanya. Majulah Negrinya, Majulah Pandunya Untuk Indonesia Raya.

Refrein 2X


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